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Elida Beeman

Filed under National Champions on December 20, 2016 | Comment(s)

Of all the national title chases the girl battle was by far the craziest most intense race the entire weekend. Lined up in the game in lane three was 510 bay area is Olivia Armstrong but the one rider to watch was Emily Hayes who had been looking superstrong all weekend since the NAG five challenge.

Hayes was from the middle lane and got a strong holeshot and drag-raced Armstrong to the first turn and took over the lead. From there it look like it was going to be all Hayes' race to win or lose and she was looking like it was wrapped up as she blasted into the last turn. Suddenly to the inside, Olivia Armstrong made a last ditch move as they exited the turn, side-by-side. With elbows locked as they approach the next jump Armstrong and Hayes both went down in the ball of flames that sent them flying over the sidelines.

Motive Power's Claire O'Connor from Norcal was in the third spot and suddenly found herself the victor of 15-16 girls main event.

That left it wide open for GT's defending champion Sophia Foresta, in the 17-20 women ranks. Sophia had lane eight but wasn't worried because she'd been pretty dominant all weekend long. If Sophia won the title, it would be hers - again. And sure enough, she got the holeshot, whizzing past Samantha Miller in the first turn. But then Powers Bike's Miller made the move of the century in the Tulsa turn and took over the lead. Miller had the rhythm dialed and pulled away from Sophia who looked as if she was in shock having lost her lead so suddenly. As Miller went into the last turn, her wheel suddenly washed out tossing her over the bars and right in the path of Sophia who was holding down second place. Third-place rider Kristen Long had the high-line going and had nowhere to go except off the top of the berm.

As bikes and bodies were flying all over the place, carnage all over the track, Answer-Rennen's Elida Beeman managed to cut low, quickly, and went from fifth to first in just a millisecond. Coming into this race ranked No.4 in points, and with the win here at the #Greatestraceonearth - plus having the largest rider-count, was just what Michigan's Beeman needed to earn the illustrious No.1 Cup. By far, thee most exciting and unexpected No.1 title of the 2016 season!

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