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Alise Post

Filed under National Champions on December 20, 2016 | Comment(s)

As the masses arrived in Tulsa for the 2016 USA BMX Grands, we turned to the record books to see that only two riders had ever held the No.1 Cup above their heads throughout their career - Eric Rupe and Alise Post. While Rupe's ship of No.1 Championships has already sailed, Post is still in her prime and was in yet another points lead for Pro Women.
Could she set a new record - a NINTH career title in ABA/USA BMX? We'd soon find out.

This had been a busy and crazy year for Post; after winning a silver medal at the Rio Olympics, her fiance' Sam Willoughby had suffered an injury that has taken up more than 99% of her time, effort and concentration as they worked together toward his recovery. To top that off, this would be her final race for Redline Bicycles - as her longtime contract was coming up and would not be renewed. She not only came to Tulsa with the Pro Women points lead, but also with what must've seemed - the weight of the World on her shoulders.

You would've never known it, though - as Alise was capable of putting on worries, stress and fears of her future aside, and zoned in on the job at hand - capturing her record-making NINTH No.1 title. With the entire crowd on her side, and the "Strength for 91" slogan proudly proclaimed on her new Troy Lee Designs helmet, Alise dominated in what would be the first match-up of Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists since Rio.

Mariana Pajon (the 2-time Gold medalist) has always been a hot rival for Alise, but she too had been taking a break from BMX ever since her return from Rio. And she was no match for the strength and determination of Minnesota's favorite BMXer, as Alise went on to win the ROC on Friday and then took all of the fame and glory on Saturday night during the Pro Championship Finals.

With her crowning of the 2016 National No.1 Pro Woman title, Alise Post set a new BMX record - making her the most winningest rider in our sport. NINE titles.

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