No.1 Bike Shop Team: J&R Bicycles

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From 2010 to 2015, J&R Bikes had won the National Championship for bike shops. Last year, they gave it a go in the Factory division, only to have many of their top-guns stolen by other teams. For 2018, they decided to re-group and return to what they do best. After a tight race against the BMX Sharks, J&R inked their name in the record books with their seventh No.1 Championship. 

Oh! Scott Angus, you’ve done it again!

The winning 2018 J&R Team roster included:

Hayden Passanisi
Alexis Alden
John Alden
Ellie Carey
Shelby Elder
Cory Lebaron
Angel Montoya
Ryder Santos
Josh Vernon
Scott Angus (TM)

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