Golden Crank Awards

Since 1992 PULL magazine has asked YOU, the racers, fans, and BMX industry to vote for your favorites in four categories. The categories are PRO, ROOKIE PRO, BIKE, and TEAM of the year. After all the votes are cast they are then tallied up to see who the lucky winners are. The PULL magazine Golden Crank awards are awarded to the winners in all four categories at the Greatest Race on Earth, the USA BMX Grand National in Tulsa, OK. As you can see by the list below, the Golden Crank Award winners are a list of whos who in the BMX racing world past and present.


  • Rookie of the Year: Maliek Byndloss | 2014, Rookie Pro of the Year


    The one cool thing about the Rookie Pro of the Year title is that it's ALWAYS going to change every year. Since the beginning of the Golden Cranks, the fans and members have voted for the most dominant, new Rookie Pro on the circuit - and for 2014, it was easily S-squared's Maliek Byndloss. While still up against some impressive rookies - such as GT's Felicia Stancil, the former No.1 Amateur from Florida still wound up winning with more than 50% of the vote. Impressive!

  • Pro of the Year: Sam Willoughby | 2014, Pro of the Year


    Despite not making his main event and watching the No.1 Pro Championship slip from his hands, all was not lost for Redline's Sam Willoughby - as he accepted his second consecutive Golden Crank, for Pro of the Year. The Fans have spoken - and 2014 will still go down in the BMX history books as another incredible season for the 2012 Olympic silver medalist.

  • Bike of the Year: S-Squared | 2014, Bike of the Year


    Accepting on behalf of S-squared and owner John Sawyer is Ryan Birk, happily posing with their second consecutive Golden Crank, for Bike of the Year. Ryan was way-stoked that his the new and improved S-squared frames continue to be a fan favorite and winning factor on the track for many of the top Pros on the circuit.

  • Team of the Year: Answer~Rennen | 2014, Team of the Year


    Rennen owner and BMX genius George Costa poses with his son Rayce and their second consecutive Golden Crank, for Team of the Year. George was stoked that his Answer~Rennen team continues to be a fan favorite, despite not winning a No.1 Factory team title - while his son still thinks the custom Profile cranks still need pedals.