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Bud Higgins
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NATIONAL Rider Development Program

At VMP BMX, we love introducing new riders to this sport....they are the future. While we know this is ultimately the most important feature in building a strong program, we also know how important it is to retain the rider who is competing or has the desire to compete on a more advanced level. This is why we have chosen to create a Rider Development Program.

While doing gate practice and racing locals are fundamental to develop skill and stamina, there are always the riders that want to compete in a larger venue, e.g.: State, Gold Cup, Nationals -- even Collegiate and UCI!  They want more track time, more structure, and hard core training to obtain that competitive edge.

We are lucky to have the support and dedication from local racers with National Experience as well as our sponsors and parents who make this possible. This is not for everyone, but as we all know, it will be eventually -- once the others are bitten by a larger competitive race.

We embrace every level rider to reach their full potential! -- "HELPING RIDERS CHASE THEIR DREAMS"
for more detailed info and committment forms you can contact us at [email protected].