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Bud Higgins
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Join Anytime and Race ALL YEAR Long

Once you have tried out your FIRST DAY and want to COME BACK to RACE AGAIN, you will need to PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP.

As we mentioned in the ONE-DAY MEMBERSHIP Page, ALL Memberships can be purchased at the track. Of the types of memberships available, the MOST COMMON is the Full Member (annual) which provides:

  • Official membership card
  • One-year subscription to PULL magazine.
  • Annual tracking of points for all races
  • Temporary numberplate, official rule book, and New Rider Manual (picked up at local track)


  • PULL magazine delivered FIRST CLASS
  • “Gold Card member only” line at all national events
  • "Free" Open class entries (see current Rule Book for details)

For YOUNGER RACERS who are NOT YET Pedaling, there is a Balance Bike Annual Membership:

  • Official membership card
  • For use with balance bikes (pedal-bike classes require one of the FULL MEMBERSHIP options)
  • No points awarded.

ANd if you really want to JUST TRY a little longer, and maybe even travel a bit, you can choose the Temporary 30 Day Membership:

  • Valid at ANY sanctioned track
  • For ANY practice and single-points race within that 30-day period
  • No points will be awarded

Note that getting the most out of your 30 Day Membership requires that eligible Local Track Events you plan to attend are scheduled within that timeframe, so check the schedules.  Multi-Point Races REQUIRE one of the FULL MEMBERSHIP options.

USA BMX has a tradition of providing Race Opportunities to introduce riders to the sport without the traditional membership commitment.  We outline the typical events on our Community Events Page and mark them on the Race Schedule.  Outside of these programs, regular attendance at practice sessions generally requires a current membership.  Talk with the local track staff to see what program works best for you.

Renewing My Membership

Annual RENEWAL is REALLY EASY!!  Simply FILL OUT THE MEMBERSHIP FORM at the track, or at home and bring it to THE Track and we will take care of it during RACE SIGNUPS!

YOU can also RENEW ON LINE by going to the USA BMX Web Site -

Be sure to VERIFY YOUR HOME TRACK when you Renew to get PROPER CREDIT and to be sure YOUR RACE POINTS show up on the right WEB PAGE!

Membership Forms are available AT THE TRACK

More information on the USA BMX Website

There are five types of memberships available, which are as follows:  

A.   1 Day Membership - For the new novice rider to have a chance to experience the sport (must be acquired at the track).

  • Valid at any sanctioned track.
  • For practice and single-points races only.

B.   30 Day Membership - For the new rider to the sport (must be acquired at the track).

  • Valid at any sanctioned track.
  • For practice and single-points races only.
  • No points will be awarded.
  • Ability to "upgrade" this to a Full Membership with additional payment of $35.

C.   Balance Bike (annual) - For the young toddler rider 

  • Official membership card.     
  • For use with no pedal / balance bikes.
  • No points awarded.

D.   Full Member (annual)

  • Official membership card.
  • One-year subscription to PULL magazine (10 issues, 1st family membership only).
  • Annual tracking of points for all races.
  • Temporary number plate, official rulebook, and New Rider Manual (can be picked up at local track).
  • Family discounts for 2nd and 3rd (or additional) family members.

Sign-Up to Become a Volunteer!

We need your help! Successful BMX programs are the result of a strong volunteer base. Be a part of something special and help make a difference in the lives of the kids & families at your local track.

Please choose one or more volunteer positions: