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Track Operator:
Bud Higgins
(804) 647-8832 (Track Phone)
Bud Higgins
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Bud Higgins

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NOW ONLINE! TRY BMX - 1-Day Trial Membership Form

​​Join Anytime at Any Race all year long

NEW OPTION - Sign Up Online:

  • Go to the Form:
  • Complete the information requested:
    • Date - the date you plan to visit, or the current date
    • Track - Select VMP BMX

  • Complete the remaining Rider Information and Release Signoffs

Bring your Bike:

  • ANY bike you are comfortable with on the track will work -- a first-timer would be placed in the Novice class for the day, those with larger wheels measuring 22.5" or larger may also enter in the Cruiser class
  • Make sure all bolts are tight - especially your axle and stem bolts
  • Remove any freestyle-type axle pegs
  • Reflectors and brackets, as well as kickstands, must be removed for safety purposes

Required clothing and safety equipment:

  • Cycling helmet - full face is recommended, and MX helmets are permitted as well
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Long pants or jeans - or shorts if worn together with a suitable knee-shin guard combo
  • Close-toed shoe - skateboard style or BMX-specific "flat" shoes are suggested

BMX racing is open to any boy or girl, man or woman, kid, mom, or dad who can ride a bike – ages 2 – 92. At VMP BMX, the racing season lasts all year long, as weather permits. You can fit BMX racing in between other activities and commitments like work, school, sports, church, and scouting. We typically race on Sunday afternoons in the winter months and Friday Nights and Saturdays throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall. In the Summer, we have Weekday Night Racing as well! We and also hold weekly practice events including clinic opportunities. We can open the park and hold other events when you want to participate, so ask us if you have a special event we can support. Spectating is free at local races and even many of the multi-point events.

VMP BMX is officially sanctioned by USA BMX, the American Bicycle Association. Each rider is permitted one free trial race. After that, you must purchase a USA BMX membership to continue racing. Initial and renewal memberships are available at all VMP BMX Race Events. You can also the access the USA BMX application online -- be sure to select VMP BMX as your local track and don't forget to bring the 8-digit membership number with the 4-digit code so we can get you set up for racing at the track right away!


Q: Can I ride the track when there is no BMX Event scheduled?

A: VMP BMX is on the property managed by the Virginia Motorsports Park. If you are on the property at an event that is not run by VMP BMX, you MUST get permission from that group's organizers or from the Property Management to access the BMX Facilities. With that clearance, we ask that you ride during daylight hours and stay off the track when the track is wet or when volunteers are performing maintenance on the track. During USA BMX sanctioned events, the track is open only to riders holding a current USA BMX full membership or a One-Day Trial Membership.

Q: Can I try a practice or race before committing to membership?

A: Yes! That is why this One-Day Trial Membership exist. It gives new riders the chance to try out racing (or gate practice) before purchasing an annual USA BMX Membership.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Complete the form using the instructions at the top of this page and bring the information provided (member # and code, etc.) to the registration window during a sanctioned event to use your One-Day Trial Membership. You can also come straight to the track to provide the information needed to set up your membership.

Click here to view our calendar of our scheduled USABMX sanctioned events. COME ON OUT and RACE!!

Q: What if I just want to ride the track once in a while?

A: USA BMX has a tradition of providing Race Opportunities to introduce riders to the sport without the traditional membership commitment. We outline the typical events on our Community Events Page and mark them on the Race Schedule. Outside of these programs, regular attendance at practice sessions generally requires a current membership. Talk with the local track staff to see what program works best for you.

Trial Membership Applications are ALSO Available AT THE TRACK