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Bud Higgins
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Bud Higgins
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Banked Turn

Helps You
Corner on the road and maintain speed on banked trails

Difficulty 1:4
Start with your feet and cranks level, body weight over the seat or slightly behind it. As you approach the turn, maintain speed and decide which line to take. Looking toward the exit, turn your head in the direction you want to go, then follow by leaning your bike and body into the turn. When the gravitational force lets up, start pedaling out of the turn. Ideally you will exit faster than you entered.

Bunny Hop

Helps You
Fly over potholes, railroad tracks, and other obstacles

Difficulty 2:4
Stand on the pedals with your feet level, knees bent, body weight over the seat, hands relaxed, and eyes looking straight ahead. Initiate the hop by compressing the bike downward with your arms and legs. Then explosively extend your ankles, knees, and hips to generate upward movement, pulling up slightly on the bar at the end. Stay off the brakes as you let the bike gently return to the ground.


Helps You
Impress your friends

Difficulty: 2:4*
Take the bunny hop a step further by adding a jump to generate more lift. As you approach the lip of a jump on a BMX track or trail, press down with your arms and legs as you would for a bunny hop, eyeing the landing. Extend your legs as you take off while continuing to focus on your destination. Relax and enjoy the flight. As you land, allow your body to compress slightly.

*Difficulty varies with jump height


Helps You
Maintain speed on undulating terrain

Difficulty 4:4

Start in the same position as you would for a bunny hop (see above). With your knees bent, shift your body weight so your hips are behind the saddle and pull the bar toward you. The farther back you lean, the easier it will be to lift the front wheel. While you roll along, flex and extend your legs as needed to maintain your balance point.