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The NEXT LEVEL - STATE Championship Racing

Starting with the basics...

ALL USA BMX MEMBERS with an Annual License are eligible to participate in State Championship Series Racing!!

What this means is that your VERY FIRST race could actually be a State Qualifier, or even a State Championship Race. While we encourage racers to learn at the local level and progress when they are ready, we want to be up front with this fact of USA BMX Racing: YOU (and your parent, for those under 18) determine what races you attend and when you race them. Another way of saying that is that the program is VERY FLEXIBLE -- so ENJOY!!

State Races are, by definition, Multi-Point races. This means that a racer using a 1-day or 30-day temporary membership is NOT eligible to race. However, since ALL State Races are held at Local Tracks, there are Membership Forms on site and available during race signups where you can join as a New Member or upgrade your temporary membership on Race Day. An important note on this is that you need to be clear that you want YOUR HOME TRACK credited with the membership, otherwise USA BMX will default to that Local Track for your membership and you will not be able to update it until you Renew your membership. Every once in a while, there are processing mistakes, so it might be good to get out your Smart Phone and snap a quick pic of your Membership Form in case you need to clarify your intent with the USA BMX office once the paperwork gets processed.

In Virginia, the State Championship Series is run under USA BMX Rules. The BEST PLACE to find out the rules and scoring, as well as the CURRENT STANDINGS of YOUR RACER (or YOU) is on the USA BMX Website. There is a special provision for states to form an alternate Series, but Virginia does not have this in place at this time.

Other Racers in the Series and Proficiency Notes

Spoiler Alert #1! There may be racers from OTHER STATES in the State Races run in Virginia. They WILL NOT earn State Points, but they can move a racer in the class down in points. They are scored normally and may earn the trophy of the day as well as earning District Points just like at any normal race. However the State Points are only awarded to State Racers. Since these points are awarded according to how they finished overall in the event, the finishes for the non-state racers in the event may mean that a state racer cannot get that place in the state points. In effect, the State Points for a that finish position taken by a non-state racer are simply not awarded. There is an exception for racers residing in other states where there is NO State Championship series. If these riders race their first SCR in Virginia or declare to USA BMX that they are racing for a Virginia State Championship title, then they count just as if they lived in Virginia.

Spoiler Alert #2! Virginia Racers who are NOT eligible for the State Title because they did not meet the race participation requirements can participate in the State Championship Final race and WILL score State Points where they place in relation to other state racers. There are cases where this will make a difference in the final standings.

There are NO Proficiency Freezes - If a racer MOVES UP during the time between the FIRST SCR and the FINAL, that rider will compete in the higher Proficiency at ALL Remaining Races including the FINAL.  This includes a move-up during the Final's Pre-Race.  Points earned in prior races will carry forward as they were earned. PLAN ACCORDINGLY! For racers otherwise ready, it may be good to MOVE UP before the third Qualifier to maximize point-earning opportunities. Or it may be good to stay in the current proficiency and allow the move-up to progress normally, potentially earning higher points with higher finishes than would be earned in the more advanced class. Schedule some time to check out your options with YOUR Local Track Operator, the Local Track Head Coach, and other trusted sources.

Now to the Racing...

At this time, Virginia Has 5 Active USA BMX Race Tracks. That number is significant to YOU as it determines the number of Qualifiers needed to earn State Championship Ranking at the end of the series.

With these 5 tracks counted, there are 3 races that count in the Series Points. If you can get to ALL 5 tracks, DO IT!! If nothing else, these are FUN events and there are a variety of racers and track styles you will see. If you can't get to them all, get the three and CONSIDER a fourth to either improve a score or keep another racer from improving their scores. YES, there is a set of Strategies and Tactics to apply to the SERIES as much as to the individual RACE. In any case, Pedal Hard!!

And, of course, be ready to attend the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!

Note the State Championship Pre-Race really has nothing to do with the Series Standings at this time. Of course, it is a GOOD Opportunity to EARN POINTS and get valuable TRACK TIME on the track where the BIG POINTS will be earned and, in many cases, the SERIES Winners will earn their Final Ranking.

And a note to the note - the Qualification to Race in the Series is to be a member of USA BMX on an Annual Membership. Once you have raced in your first State Qualifier of the year, you will be ranked in the State Points listing on the USA BMX web site (see links below). If you continue in the series and meet the full qualifications, you will be eligible to compete for the State Plate awards earned at the Final -- only those who meet ALL Qualifications are lined up for the Series Awards. In any case, you can race any event in the series whether or not you meet the full series qualifications. You will be able to try to win a trophy for the day as well as the District Points that go along with that race.

State Championship Series Information

To be a contender for a State Plate and other awards in Virginia, a rider must:

  • Race in at least 3 Qualifiers
    • For racers competing in 4 or 5 Qualifiers, the three best scores are factored into Series Point Standings
  • Race in the State Championship Race
    • This race awards Double State Points
  • In addition, you can earn points by racing in up to 8 Local Races (single-point) prior to July 15th
    • No Race Points, but racers earn 1 “bonus state point” for every 2 single point races on or before July 15th, 2015 to max out at 4 bonus points

Click here for the Upcoming State Championship Race Series Dates

Race Prices are set by the Local Track hosting the event.  The general rule is that the races are priced more than local single point races based on the additional point value and the higher-value (cost) of the awards.  They are typically set when the race is scheduled with USA BMX and are posted in the listings on the USA BMX website, but be sure to check the track's website and other communications for updates and the most current information.

And click to see the 2015 and other State Championship Race Dates in the past

Race Day Awards are also determined by the Local Track hosting the event, with some help from the USA BMX guidelines.  The State Championship Final will typically award to those placing 1-8 in the Main Event while Qualifiers may have awards to the Top 2-3 depending on the Class Size. Saver Stamp awards are also determined by the Local Track. While some tracks choose to use them and even multiply them for the higher-point races, the decision is entirely up to the Local Track staff and may be different for the State Events than for their other races.

State Champion Plate

Display your pride!! State Plates that are earned at the State Championship Final Race can be run as the Race Number of the Day in Races at Local Tracks across Virginia! If there is a Gold Cup or National Race in the state, or if the rider is traveling out of state, the rider would need to use another plate number suitable for those races.

Team Racing in the State Championship Series

Virginia Track Operators and other BMX planners will generally get together each year to establish a State Championship Series for Teams. For riders on teams, this is another incentive to get to additional races beyond the minimums in order to support their team standings at the race and throughout the series. As with most USA BMX Team Competition, racers run their normal events and their scores are counted toward the team results for the day.

Where AM I Ranked?

State Championship Rankings are divided out by age and proficiency in their own unique way. Experts (boys and men) have their own age groups. Male Novice racers and Intermediate Boys (including men) are ranked together in their respective age groups. Female Novice racers and girls and women in the Girls Classes are grouped into a combined set of rankings based on age. Cruisers are in their age categories, and Girl Cruisers are ranked in their age categories.

If your state final has taken place, the points were finalized at the host track. If the state final is this weekend, the points have already been sent to the host track (this means that the current standings are removed from the USA BMX site and available at the Local Track hosting the State Championship Final during the week prior to the race and after the race until USA BMX receives the race results and processes the final rankings). After all state final races have been scored, there will be a report posted with the final ranking and a report providing a listing of who is eligible for the Race of Champoins (ROC).