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YOUR First 10 Weeks - The VMP BMX Certified Racer Training Program

VMP BMX is providing the CERTIFIED COACHING sessions during select SUNDAY Practice Sessions!!

Each NEW RIDER will be provided a CHECKLIST to pace through the TRAINING SESSIONS and can MAKE UP the sessions missed to complete the 10-session program.

This program aligns to USA BMX Recommendations and is designed for YOU to GET ENGAGED and HELP YOU PROGRESS in your knowledge and understanding of the sport of BMX

Your steps to success lie in your hands and the First 10 Weeks program and coaches are here to help you.

The program starts with the Introduction to BMX Clinics which include learning the basics for each BMX skill in the program:

  • Intro to BMX Clinic 1
  • Intro to BMX Clinic 2

These Clinics will be held on select SUNDAYS during the 3-5pm practice sessions as participants need them

Once you have BOTH Intro Clinics completed, you may join any of the remaining clinics in any order.

Skills Clinics are offered on a rotating schedule, so your first skills clinic might be different than someone elses. No sweat, you will have a checklist designed to help you keep track of which ones you have attended.

  • Gate Starts - April 22, June 17, August 26
  • Pumping - April 29, June 24, September 2
  • Manualing - May 6, July 1, September 9
  • Jumping - May 13 July 8, September 16
  • Turns - May 20, July 15, September 23
  • Pack Skills - May 27, August 5, October 7
  • Using the Track for Training - June 3, August 12, October 14
  • Basic Training for BMX - June 10, August 19, October 21
  • Makeup sessions: The program can be tailored to provide make-up sessions for those who need a session that is not otherwise offered on a particular date

VMP BMX will run these clinics in cycles throughout the year to be sure you have EVERY OPPORTUNITY to learn these CRITICAL SKILLS as you enter into the EXCITING SPORT of BMX RACIING!!