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This is the basic RACE SCHEDULE information:

Warnicke Scholarship Race

Date: 2015-09-23 (Friday)
Registration Start: 5:00 PM
Registration End: 6:00 PM
Race Time: ASAP
Type: Warnicke
Fee: $10.00

State Race Double

Date: 2015-09-24 (Saturday)
Registration Start: 10:00 AM
Registration End: 11:45 AM
Race Time: ASAP
Type: State Race
Fee: $25.00

ONLINE PRESIGNS for BOTH EVENTS are available at this link:

FRIDAY, September 23 is an ALL-DAY Track and Site Prep Day

All skills are welcome! Bikes are welcome as well.


If you plan to arrive Friday and Stay Overnight, please arrive no later than 7pm or contact us to make gate and overnight security arrangements (email [email protected], phone 804-647-8832)

Friday night's stay is FREE. Bring your Tent, Pop-up, RV, Pickup, or just a blanket and enjoy some time under the BIG SKIES of Dinwiddie County

If you need or want to stay Saturday Night, please let us know and we will do our best to work something out.


Donations for the Race for Life are encouraged as you are able. Please also support our Vendors and Sponsors.


We will have a 50-50 Raffle with TICKETS FOR SALE Before the State Qualifier Race and During the Qualifying Rounds - One WINNING TICKET will be drawn just before MAIN EVENTS - the WINNER MUST BE PRESENT and RESPOND WHEN CALLED - WINNER WILL RECEIVE 50% of the TOTAL COLLECTED in CASH - THE Track will contribute the REMAINING 50% to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as an RFL Contribution in the name of a DESIGNATED RACER.

FRIDAY, September 23 Detailed Schedule

The Race Event for Friday is the USA BMX Single Point Warnicke Scholarship Race

- This Race is OPEN TO ALL, even those without a USA BMX License - USA BMX Members with a FULL ANNUAL LICENSE earn District Points for this race

- The Warnicke Scholarship Race offers Certificate Awards for the Finish of the Day -- For more information on the Warnicke Scholarship Race, see

3-5pm is the Final Prep and Setup as well as Vendor and Volunteer Arrival time

5-6pm Race Signups at the RED REGISTRATION Building near the FINISH LINE and Gate Practice

- $10 Entry for Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Cruiser, Girls Cruiser - Warnicke Certificate Award
- $5 Entry for Open - VMP Medallion Award
- $5 Entry for Strider - VMP Trophy Award

6-6:15pm Opening Ceremonies

6:15-7:30pm Racing and Awards Presentation

(Note that there are no Saver Stamps Awarded for Warnicke Scholarship Events)

7:30-11pm Family Time

11pm-6am Quiet Hours

SATURDAY, September 24 Detailed Schedule

The Race Event for Sunday is the USA BMX State Championship Race Double Point Qualifier

- ALL Racers in Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Cruiser, and Girls Cruiser must be currently registered USA BMX Members with the Full (Annual) license (unexpired) - We have REGISTRATION FORMS available AT THE EVENT during Signup Times and can RENEW or SIGN UP NEW Members

- OPEN and STRIDER Racers MUST HAVE Either a current USA BMX License or sign the ONE DAY License form available at Registration

- We are also hosting this as a TEAM EVENT per the rules presented at the First Qualifier at Hampton BMX earlier in 2016 - TEAM ROSTER and Jersey Rules are in Effect

9-10am is the Final Prep and Setup as well as Vendor and Volunteer Arrival time

10-11:45am Race Signups at the RED REGISTRATION Building near the FINISH LINE and Gate Practice (Wristbands Required)
- $25 Entry for Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Cruiser, Girls Cruiser - State Qualifier Trophy 1-3, Main Maker Trophy, VMP Medallion (non-transfer), or Double Saver Stamps Award (10, 6, 4) - TEAM POINTS ELIGIBLE
- $10 Entry for Open - VMP Medallion Award - TEAM POINTS ELIGIBLE
- $10 Entry for Strider - State Qualifier Trophy - VMP Medallion to Additional Participants

11:45-NOON Opening Ceremonies

NOON-3pm Racing and Awards Presentation

State Qualifier Trophies are Presented for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Finishes and Main Makers on the PODIUM at the end of EACH MAIN - Please proceed to the Podium Immediately and stand in your Finish Position for the Trophy Presentation and Picture (If you would like your take-home award to be Saver Stamps, please leave the trophy and proceed to Registration to collect your stamps per the announced instructions)

3-6pm Cleanup and Departure



PLEASE NOTE that we are STILL COLLECTING DONATIONS to the USA BMX Race for Life Program through Sep 26, 2016

- ALL CONTRIBUTIONS will count toward YOUR RIDER's TIERED AWARDS - Patch, Shirt, Jacket, Grands Fees

- We will have Race for Life collection envelopes or forms to document any additional donations at Registration - if you know you have additional funds coming later, please let us know so we can plan accordingly