Want to know who was the very best in BMX for any given year? Yup, this is the place to come.


  • Stu Thomsen | 1979, Pro


    The Mighty One. Stompin' Stu. The Legend. ...call him whatever you want; but there's no denying that SoCal's Stu Thomsen has left his mark on BMX. Part of what makes Stu such an iconic figure in the sport is that he was the ABA's very first No.1 Pro.

  • Richie Anderson | 1979, Amateur


    Nicknamed "The Avalanche" by BMXA editor Bob Osborn, Richie Anderson's BMX career began on the tracks of Northern California - and once the ABA national circuit started up, the younger Anderson brother took his show on the road. With speed and a racing style that set him apart from all of his competition, The Avalanche kept rolling and dominating at ABA nationals across the country.