Want to know who was the very best in BMX for any given year? Yup, this is the place to come.


  • Sophia Foresta | 2012, Girl


    Believe it or not, up until now - the great state of Utah has never wielded a rider with a National No.1 title in BMX. They came close, back in 1982 with Mike Poulson, but it was until thirty years later that GT's Sophia Foresta became Utah's first No.1 plate holder in BMX.

  • Kelsey Van Ogle | 2012, Girl Cruiser


    Doin' it in her last race for Factory Hyper, Kelsey VanOgle recaptured her lost No.1 Girls Cruiser championship. This was the second time in BMX history that she's earned the title - the last time (just like Sam Willoughby) was in 2010. Following the Grands, Kelsey, her brother Lain and their dad Loren would move to Factory Phoenix to chase down more No.1 plates in 2013.

  • Reid Austin | 2012, Cruiser


    Up until this year, U.S. Olympian David Herman had been the only racer from the Mile High state to hold a National No.1 title. For this year, the Cruiser title was once again expected to go to one of the many contenders in the larger 41-45 cruiser ranks. Meanwhile, Reid scored the win in 12cruiser, not knowing that he'd take over the lead of national points.

  • Rusty Nesvig | 2012, Amateur


    The 2012 Amateur title chase was a wild 'n crazy one; as usual. While most people were awaiting, talking and watching the 19-27x class, Intense's Rusty Nesvig kept quiet, lurking in the shadows and did just what he needed to do. From there, the outcome for the No.1 title would depend on what happened in the 19-27x final. In typical Grands fashion, disaster struck the contenders and Rusty became the next in a long line of San Diego racers to hoist the No.1 Cup above his head.

  • Cristian Becerine | 2012, Vet Pro


    2012 was quite a year for FreeAgent~Rockstar's Cristian Becerine. Earlier in the year, the Argentinian-born Becerine officially became a U.S. citizen - and then, in his first year of Vet Pro competition, the SoCal resident won his first-ever National No.1 title. In a tight race that came down to he and fellow Argentinian Javier Colombo, BMX history was bound to be made - for the first-ever South American to win a U.S. title.

  • Dominique Daniels | 2012, Women Pro


    In all of BMX history, no single woman has ever dominated the Pro ranks like Arizona's Dominque Daniels. Her No.1 Woman Pro title in 2012 marked her fifth consecutive No.1 Pro plate (and totaled 7 for her career). It may be a very long time until we see any gal top what 3-D has accomplished.

  • Sam Willoughby | 2012, Pro


    How do you top off an Olympic silver medal? Well, if your name is Sam Willoughby, you continue going fast the rest of the year and win the USA BMX Grands in dramatic, no-holds-barred domination. / That is just how Redline's "Sam I Am" wrapped up his 2012 season - winning his second-ever No.1 Pro plate in the U.S.